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lip blush

$450+ HST

Initial appointment

A semi - permanent tattoo on the lips that enhances; beauty of the natural lip color, improves shape, defines and gives illusion of fullness


How does it work?
A tiny pen-like machine and a very small needle are used to gently deposit pigment into
the lips. This process slowly builds beautifully natural lip color. Micropigmentation
allows us to slowly build pigment, so we have full control over the boldness of the lip
color. Color and boldness are based on client preference.

Will it look like lipstick?
Natural lips or lip blush is a technique that produces more of a nude lip or lip tint result,
however every client will take to the tattoo differently. I always start light and we can
build on color at the touch up.

How long does it last?
The retention rate of the tattoo depends on different factors such as the color you
choose, lifestyle, touch ups, or how you care for them before and after appointment. On
average, lip blush fades away within 2-5 years but most clients come back yearly for
touch ups.

How long does the appointment take?
Initial appointment takes 3 hours, touch up takes 2 hours.

What is the healing process?
Some swelling or tenderness after the procedure is normal and may last a day or so.
Your lips may look like you have lip filler, however this is normal and usually subsides
within 1-24 hours. Your lips will also appear bold in color for the first few days. Lips
have the easiest and fastest healing, in just 4-5 days. During this time you will need to
apply ointment as your lips will be chapped. 

Can I get a lip tattoo if I have filler?

Yes! Lip filler does not interfere with the tattoo process or results, but please make sure
your lip blush and lip filler appointments are spaced at least 4 weeks apart both before or

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