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Meet Ivy! Hi Hello! I am your lash artist and permanent makeup artist; powder brows, nano brows, lip blush + dark lip neutralization


I have been in the lash industry since 2012 and just mastering the craft specializing in Russian Volume Technique. 

Upon learning about Volume technique she decided to learn the craft from top lash masters. I have improved my skills and able to bring quality work for my clients, and gaining valuable knowledge to share with my students. 

I have continuously taken trainings from lash masters around the globe. I even flew to Kazakhstan to train with the amazing Nelly of BORDEAUX who specialize and has patent for her MEGA VOLUME TECHNIQUE and EYELID LIFTING TECHNIQUE.


Ivy D


Esthetician Diploma - 2010

Xtreme Lash Certified -  Classic - 2012

LashMakers - Volume - 2016

NALA-Lash Educator Certified - 2017

Accredited Training - 2017

Avemo - Mega Volume course - 2018

Angelwing - 2018

Raydiance Art - Mega Volume + Asian eyelid - 2018

Bordeaux - TRAINER - Mega Volume & Eyelid Lifting technique - 2019 

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